• Sheer Cerebral Power •

Album „Sucker Punch’d“

Muscular, exciting, challenging and invigorating playing this music. The successful writing partnership of John Jones, born in Detroit, USA and Azhar Kamal, born in Karachi, Pakistan created this music. The procedure was that first the music was written and then the words were created. John Jones (main lyricist) and Azhar Kamal (2nd lyricist) worked in such a way that after the music was written and furnished with a title, then the lyrics were created with the track.

Azhar made it a point to write for instruments within the band. That is why ALL SOUNDS on this record are created with the guitar and the core line up, exception is the Celesta which was used to fortify melodies.

Sheer Cerebral Power plays accessible music that is highly original and retains a certain amount of uniqueness due to the stylistic idiosyncrasies of the musicians, which are Tommy Eberhardt, drums, Horst Polland, bass, John Jones, voice and Azhar Kamal, acoustic, electric guitars, mandolin, celeste, percussion and voice.