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JJ Jones was born 1966 in Detroit.


In 1996 JJ Jones began working as an active performance artist and singer in Berlin, mainly as the lead singer of the trash art ensemble Fuzzy Love. He was also active with a re-launch of the cult 80s band Der Plan, among other projects.


In Nashville, he expanded his musical perspectives, singing in a Serbian orthodox church choir, and writing and singing solos for a number of other churches. At the same time, he founded ecclesiaudio, a musical collaborative project where he began to experiment with pure improvisation. His less spiritual pursuits in the USA involved performances as The Human Snow Globe, singing kitschy covers of Christmas songs inside an inflatable bubble.

Photo: Ingeborg Martens

Back in Munich

Photo: Peter Wilson

Back in Munich, Germany, JJ Jones worked musically on radio plays, such as the award-winning Rauschunterdrückung from Ulrich Bassenge and film soundtracks like Sommer in Orange, as well as with the band Tosca (by Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber) on their album Odeon.

Photo: Valentin Brandes

Since 2012, he has hosted and conceived the event Same Old Song, in which several live acts interpret a single song in a variety of ways for one evening.

His latest work is a solo piece, Vox on Vinyl, an aural collage that combines the recording of Nils Frahm with vocal interpretations of the texts of Meister Eckhard and David Bowie.


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These are some of the artists that inspired me over the years. My first favorite single was „ABC“ by the Jackson 5, but I learned to love and sing so many wonderful songs over the years.

Above you can see little John the age of 6 years.

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Umzug nach München. Gründung der Veranstaltungsreihe Same Old Song, Mitwirkung bei vielen Bandprojekten (u.a. Edlrost, Son of a Groove, Bigband Dachau)

2006 – 13
Aufenthalt in Nashville, Human Snow Globe performance, ecclesiaudio improv Gründung

Gründung der Band Fuzzy Love in Berlin. Internationale Auftritte, u.a. für das Goethe-Institut, zwei CD-Veröffentlichungen

Co-producer and co-writer „Come Unto Me: The Faces of Tyree Guyton“, Emmy Award for best film editing for Po Kutchins

BA in Film & Video Studies from the University of Michigan





  • Same Old Song: „Another Brick in the Wall“
  • CD release: Bigband Dachau feat. Jimi Tenor
  • Bigband Dachau at Oktoberfest, Müchen (Herzkasperlzelt)
  • Same Old Song: „Aicha“ for Bellevue Monaco, Munich
  • Release of „Luxury“ (Takthor feat. John Jones)


  • Same Old Song: „The Winner Takes It all” at Brecht Festival in Augsburg and Milla Club in Munich
  • Performances with Bigband Dachau, winner of Tassilo-Kulturpreis of Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Edlrost @ Streetlife Festival und Tollwood, Munich
  • Same Old Song: „YMCA“
  • Human Snow Globe Performance, Nashville USA
  • Release of „Christmas in a Bubble“ on I Am That Music (Eigenlabel)