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John Jones in the rough.

JJ goes absolutely crazy performing dance music as close to the audience as possible. "This is really a club and party-thing," says John.

"Since Fuzzy Love disbanded, I have secretly wanted to play real rock 'n roll and bring the garage to the people. It took moving to Munich to find the right musicians, who exactly shared the same vision of pure and authentic rock 'n roll -- a little bit like the Stones may have sounded, when they rehearsed in their own garages, before they played big stadiums."

John finally found his own soul brothers when he performed a stunning version of "Stairway to Heaven" during the first Same Old Song event at the Milla-Club in Munich. On that night he first joined the fabulous drummer Felix Rubin, a true groove-master, playing both sensitively and with a beat that doesnīt compromise, and guitar player Mark Diamond, passionate for any riff that goes straight to the heart and to the bones.

Within a few weeks, they agreed on a set list ranging from early Elvis, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash to raw Disco, R&B and Rock stuff such as "Lady Marmalade", "Get Ready", and "Brown Sugar."

"We would go like: Oh, havenīt heard that one for years, itīs great, letīs put it on the list. It was so much fun," remembers John. 

The Precious Stones soon became an insider tip on the Munich party scene. "Weīre not one of the usual cover bands," says John.

You can trust the opinions of dozens of Munich partygoers who can't wait for the next Precious Stones concert.

The set list

Proud Mary
(Credence Cleerwater Revival)
Beast of Burden
(Rolling Stones)
Brown Sugar
(Rolling Stones)
Blue Suede Shoes
Dyer Maker
(Led Zeppelin)
Drift Away
(Dobie Gray)
Evil Woman
(Shocking Blue)
Folsom Prison Blues
(Johnny Cash)
Honkeytonk Woman
(Rolling Stones)
Your Cheatin' Heart
(Hank Williams)
(Stevie Wonder)
You're Sixteen
(Ringo Starr)
Staying Alive
(Bee Gees)
Lady Marmalade
(Patti Labelle)
Start Me Up
(Rolling Stones)
You Can't Always Get What You Want
(Rolling Stones)
(Rolling Stones)
Wild Horses
(Rolling Stones)
Gimme Shelter
(Rolling Stones)
Message In A Bottle
Ring of Fire
(Johnny Cash)
Burning Down the House
(Talking Heads)