copyright JJ Jones 2010






Too many times, an empty space inside

Love disappears, and itÕs not to be found here

So donÕt look for it


ThereÕs no-one man, thereÕs only one God

And He never leaves, no He never goes anywhere


When the space is full of emptiness and thereÕs no one calling

When the heart is full of loneliness and the sky is falling

Abandon worry, abandon worry


Trust in our God,

He would not put us here to wonder who we are,

To think weÕre all alone

To think we have no home.,

To think thereÕs something more than His infinite Love


When the heart is full of loneliness and the sky is falling

When the space is full of emptiness and thereÕs no one calling

Abandon worry, abandon every fear


His mercy is here

His promise not to forsake or destroy anything that He makes

Anything that could leave was never there

So close all the doors and open up your heart, open up your heart


Too many times, an empty space inside

Love disappears,

Stop looking everywhere,

Go and say a prayer







All sense is nonsense the absence of substance

No sense is cognizant of its significance

Sixth sense is no sense but reference to providence

Preference for reverence is perfect intelligence


Senses are fences, defenses of tenses

Immense is the essence of Holy Omnipotence

Eternal innocence


Feel the only real sensation is the knowing that brings light

 into an endless night of wondering where the feelingÕs right

Hear the harmony of children chanting psalms of Truth

 that echo in pure delight


And His angels fly

Blameless in the night

The world turns white

As snow reflects the light


Casting pearls

Watching reality unfurl

While every body dies to the world


See the meaning in a meaningless existence

Where the senses cry deceiving lies

Wipe the scales from your eyes

The fruit of truth will multiply

Feeding masses longing for a pure love from on high


And His angels fly

The uncorrupted flight

The Son receives the light

That swallows up the night


Casting pearls

Witnessing purity unfurl

While everybody dies to the world







Bodies believe in the entity flesh

Five heightened senses all fashioned a mess

Worshipping tactile and visible things

Waiting for messaging bells to ring


Bodies cannot know

Truth cannot be shown

To eyes that have not learned to see

The perfume of spirituality

Witnessing divinity


ThereÕs a way to go

And your legs wonÕt know

ItÕs a hallowed ground

Where you wonÕt hear a sound

But it can be found


The way to ecstasy is such a mystery


Life is a metaphor

Under an open door

What are we waiting for


The way to ecstasy is such a mystery


CanÕt touch it, canÕt see it, canÕt smell it, or taste it

See no, hear no evil,

Speak no evil

Then thereÕs no evil







We live on promises

We live on emptiness


Hoping something, saving, glowing, shining, loving, knowing

Carries us away from here


We long for happiness

We long for forgiveness

Knowing when we need not worry

Burdens lifting, all thought shifting

Carries us away from here


Behold, the sower went out to sow;

Some seeds fell on the road, the birds came

Others fell on the rocky places, sprang up, dried up, without root

Others choked by thorns, but some fell on the good soil

Nourishing for eternity


We live on righteousness

We live on promises

Hoping if we sow the right seeds

Bounty, growing, lifts us, showing

A way away from her


One plants, one waters, only he gives the increase






In the beginning was the Word

Unwritten, undefined

And the meaning was hidden

To the mortal eye


And the Word was with God

And the Word was God


Adam never uttered

His lips never moved

His peace was in a Garden

Of words he understood


Til a snake with a pencil

Wrote upon his head


He wrote a lie

He criticized

He tantalized

And analyzed

But he will never hide

From what the Truth can imply


And the Word is with God

And the Word is God


Pure language is unspoken

Real meaning undefined

WhatÕs with all this confusion

Among the signals and the signs



Speaking in tongues we donÕt understand

Turning a phrase we canÕt comprehend


Until we praise

And stake a claim

Beyond the written words

And find the voice weÕve heard

From the Unspoken Word

ItÕs being red every day

Washing confusion away

Red and reread, the blood of Truth

Red and reread, eternal youth

Let true meaning wash over you

Let true meaning wash over you

Read red blood