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Top of the World
Die Erste Vertikale
Film Fest for Vertical Film in Bad Gastein, 8-10 Sept.
video here
JJ Jones
Singer / Performance Artist / Activist
Nashville / Munich

"Ye shall know the Truth,
and the Truth may cause you

to laugh, uncontrollably."

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JJ is the creator and moderator of

Stille Nacht
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JJ Jones from Peter Wilson
Foto von Peter Wilson

JJ and Bigband Dachau play
Montreux Jazz Festival 2017!

Bigband Dachau WCS Photografie



Tosca Odeon Cover
Tosca's Album Odeon von Richard Dorfmeister
(Kruder & Dorfmeister) und Rupert Huber

JJ sings on the aptly titled "Jay Jay"
Official Video HERE

Es war ein Klang
(Once Upon a Sound)
Improvised music (coming from the intuition of the musicians) is used to create stories from sound, which the audience is responsible to interpret for themselves. An experiment in the motivation behind creating improvised sound and the context in which it is heard.

Created, moderated and vocalizations from John JJ Jones (USA), with film director Marcus H. Rosenmüller (voice/text, Munich), Tosca's (piano, Vienna), film composer Rupert HuberGerd Baumann (guitar, FX, Munich), recent prize-winner for innovative cultural programming Franziska Eimer (Harp, Munich), Lorenz Beyer (electronica, Vienna), Andrea Pancur (vocals), and Rosalie Eberle (vocals)

Weida Mitanand JJ adds his voice in support of victims of Germany's floods in Bavaria and Thuringia.
Performed by many wonderful Bavarian artists...
...and one American.

Proceeds go to flood victims.

CPT. NEPOMUK´s friendly Heart Choir Club
video at youtube

Mr. Jones' Latest Works  

Same Old Song

Picking a Winner

Sommer in Orange
Attempt Great Things for God
Same Old Song

Vive la Repetition!!
How many versions of the same song can you hear in one night? Come and find out!

Picking a Winner
Political Parodies for 2012

JJ gets political, creating several parodies of pop hits that draw attention to the platform of the good doctor from Texas.

JJ Featured on a Major
German Film Soundtrack

Hear JJ on the soundtrack for  Sommer in Orange singing the Gerd Baumann song
"Welcome to the Other Side"
View trailer
(part of song at last third of trailer).

Songs for the Spirit

So as to cover the entire spectrum from the absurd to the profound, JJ (as John) delves into spiritual topics.

Current Projects

Precious Stones

Morning Prayer Improv photo by Charlie Patton

JJ Jones Sings the Hal Spangler Songbook Vol. 1
ecclesiaudio tuning fork
JJ Jones
& The Precious Stones

The new official JJ Jones party band. The wild, untamed side of John Jones, accompanied by Munich legend Felix Rubin (Schlagzeug) and Hamburg hero Mark Diamond (Gitarren)
Mehr dazu

Morning Prayer Improv

Since February 2011, John arises and offers a spontaneous prayer for the inspiration and healing of the listener.
Official website

Singing Country Music
in Nashville!

After five years in Nashville, singing everything else, JJ discovers the Hal Spangler songbook and starts singing COUNTRY!
  RedNote Records page


Collaborative of musicians and sound artists who seek to celebrate absolute spiritual Truth in the audio arts. The group continues to expand...
Official website

Hal Spangler Songbook Vol. 1

Eso Es Illuminate album

Sing mit Heino!
Digital Evolution single
Dick Zeppelin

Started in Berlin by the infamous Spacelord MF, the band Rockabilly-izes Led Zeppelin.
JJ will introduce new audiences to the concept
very very soon.
mySpace page

Eso Es

"Spiritual Lounge Music"
written with an international troupe of various world views. This is a great listen and is was featured on SOMA FM
Blue Flame Records website

Schlagerman: Ein Medley of German Popmusik

Accompanied by Josef der Erste (Joe First) on the accordian,
JJ delivers a delightfully entertaining history of
German Pop.


Here you will find a variety of past projects and bands, released and unreleased singles, and all the music that doesn't fall into the other categories.

See Through Tattoo cover

Fuzzy Love

Human Snow Globe pic by Martin O'Connor
Sttepping Over Stepping Stones 1-2-3

See Through Tattoo

Presenting 12 versions of the same 1939 song. Each interpretation uses an original recording with new lyrics and a broad variety of vocals by JJ.

Fuzzy Love

The result of many nights at Laura Kikauka's Schmalzwald
in Berlin
Sample recordings

'Tis the Season for
The Human Snow Globe

When is it NOT Xmas?

Official website
Theater and Performance

A collection of theatrical and performance works

Buy "12 Minutes of Christmas" CD here

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